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    This is who I am reporting below. Also this message is lengthy and sloppy and please do not hesitate to contact me back

    William Ryan Shelton N.D (Ryan Shelton)
    Hello, before I begin this is not an attack on Naturopathy regardless of my own personal views but rather a serious issue where a licensed N.D was assisting a shady online marketing company which claimed to cure a plethora of diseases using pseudoscience, deceit, and shilling. It is a predatory scamming in my opinion and I hope the evidence I provide you helps bring justice to my case.

    Introduction and Summary

    This seems to be a case of a Naturopathic Physician (Ryan Shelton) was participating in marketing on a website " , in all likely hood he wrote or contributed directly to at least some of their ebooks using his knowledge of nutrition and health to twist and exaggerate scientific studies into promising fake miracle cures for profit. Ryan Shelton had the help of a ecommerce marketer (Daniel Toh) and Mr. Toh's production team to do this.

    Introduction to Sparkhealthmedia and Zenith Labs

    Ryan Shelton works/had worked for two companies owned by the same person Daniel Toh. Sparkhealthmedia(former April 2016-November 2018) and Zenith Labs (early 2018-current) both managed by Daniel Toh who is an online marketing manager in Auckland New Zealand and outside of United States jurisdiction.

    Corporate ownership pages of Sparkhealthmedia and Zenith Labs


    Sparkhealthmedia's LLC page

    Zenith Lab's LLC page

    alpha link trading ltd's , Trading name is "Zenith Labs"

    Ryan Shelton’s is mentioned as being the author of books mentioning Ryan Shelton’s best selling books, however he has no ISBN books registered under his name, one can independently verify this here.

    Sparkhealthmedia mentions pen names in their protocol

    About Daniel Toh

    1: Daniel Toh has a long history of Internet marketing

    2: He use to be a pharmacist in Auckland New Zealand before his licensed expired.

    3: Video of Sparkhealthmedia's CEO" Daniel Toh and his online marketing career mentioning "digital products" such as Sparkhealthmedia’s ebooks.

    4: Daniel Toh’s wrote an E-book back in 2010 about online marketting and how to make $300,000 per year

    If you download the e-book you will come across a section which mentions this quote, verbatim on page 34.

    Sparkhealthmedia's website affiliate marketing section shows a general idea of how it advertised health scams from April 2016-November 2018.

    (2018 archive)

    (2017 archive)

    (early 2017 archive)

    Ryan Shelton is in the diabetes60 video

    These URL's contain quick info about Sparkhealthmedia and why it's a marketing scam. I am not associated with that is just a coincidence.

    (general overview of Sparkhealthmedia)

    (exposing a fake cure for macular degeneration scam) (exposing a fake cure for erectile dysfunction scam)

    (exposing a fake cure for tinnitus scam)

    (exposing a fake cure for hearing loss scam)

    (Ryan Shelton was reported here)

    In a nutshell, the alternative health/e-book company Sparkhealthmedia owned over a dozen websites, each hosting a Youtube video with a paid actors telling stories about how they use to suffer with a medical problem like vision loss, hearing loss, tinnitus, herpes, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, cellulite, diabetes and even addressing more serious life threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's + more if you include their bonus ebooks. The story then goes into the despairing details of a health problem.

    Then nonsensical absurdities are brought in, such as unmasking corrupt corporate secrets on why there isn't a cure. Or a tribal cultures ancient wisdom leads to a miracle cure that big pharma doesn't want anyone to know about. Nonsense to get people into mistrusting medical doctors. Some of the actors in the videos also claim they are currently being sued by big pharma. The bottom line is the actor (Ryan Shelton’s pseudnoym) wrote an book how to cure a disease to help others and to buy the presentation before big pharma shuts down the website. Sparkhealthmedia has done this same repetitive pathetic gimmick many times over. The same thing has also been done on Ryan Shelton’s separate “South Beach Skin Labs” company he use to work for.

    Propaganda Videos and Ebooks

    Crucial evidence archived of videos and ebooks and websites for your team to review and watch. You will cringe at how awfully deceptive these videos and infomercial sites are.

    Links and screenshots to some of Sparkhealthmedia’s scams

    Below are links to the readable aspects of the scam pages that Sparkhealthmedia hosted

    Hair Growth Scam

    Macular Degeneration eyesight cure scam

    Erectile Dysfunction scam
    <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

    Ryan Shelton is featured in the first minute of this scam video>

    Hearing loss regeneration scam

    Alzheimer's cure scam

    Tinnitus cure scam

    Cancer, heart disease, + more serious and painful disease cure scams

    (sorry no video and sloppy archive but there e-books are included in the Google Drive)

    Sparkhealthmedia's products would have paid actors doing fake reviews, fake comments, unverified testimonial and twisting the logical of actual studies on pubmed when actual people took the time to debunk their nonsensical claims. This is stereotypical pseudo scientific inquiry with the cure all claims and conspiracy theory nonsense. I do not believe is ethical for a licensed Naturopathic doctor or anyone to work for and support a online marketing fake miracle cure business like Sparkhealthmedia.

    I discovered Zenith Labs due to looking up Sparkhealthmedia’s website’s IP address

    IP scan URL of one of Daniel Toh's URL's

    Clicking the "Silent Male Plague" link takes me to a infommercial site with Ryan Sheltons picture an example of one of Ryan Shelton's infommercial's websites setup in the exact same formula as Sparkhealthmedia's.

    Ryan Shelton’s Zenith Labs official website

    Other Zenith Labs infomercial websites

    The marketing tactics are shady, their website is filled with unverified testimonials just like Sparkhealthmedia. Here's an example of a screenshot from both websites Zenith Labs and Sparkhealthmedia's testimonials. If you reviewed the Sparkhealthmedia infommercial cites you will find countless unverified testimonials.

    However, Zenith Labs does not promise miracle cures, or atleast not directly. They promise their health products will give one improvement in health such as better hearing and vision. However there are testimonials on their website and scripted actors on fake review sites claiming they had been cured or had significantly improved thanks to Ryan Shelton's hearing product.

    Ryan Shelton's pseudoresearch is behind at least some of these scams and ebooks, He was featured in a scam video promising an entire "cure" for virtually all cases of erectile dysfunction. The video also makes a logical fallacy that all cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by inflammation and blood flow issues without mentioning an obvious cause which is low testosterone.

    (note Ryan Shelton is mislabeled as a medical doctor M.D) when he is not one. N.D’s cannot additionally title themselves as M.D’s. He has also done this here in ZenithLab’s website’s archives

    This is illegal in the State of Hawaii.

    My Suspicions

    I strongly suspect Ryan Shelton is behind writing atleast some of Sparkhealthmedia's e-books

    Ryan Shelton is genuinely an expert on Nutrition and Health, his paramount knowledge on this topic is impressive but I see evidence to suggest he is mis-using is knowledge by twisting scientific facts to promote scams.

    For example there is scientific evidence to support that lutein and zeaxanthin improve vision and Ryan Shelton has stated that he loves lutein and zeaxanthin to improve vision on Zenith Labs and his YouTube Channel, however Sparkhealthmedia's promotional video “Outback Vision Protocol” claims lutein and zeaxanthin and a few other things are TOTAL MIRACLE CURES for vision loss regardless of what type and regardless how long. This is twisting scientific fact and making it pseudoscience this making it a scam. He also did the same thing claiming the remyleination of the audiotory nerve would be a miracle cure for tinnitus in both the “Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol” scam and his supplement here

    Sparkhealthmedia's/Zenith Labs affiliate marketers (paid advertisers) are making automated review websites that do not have comment sections/never approve comments this is the censorship the truth of there products.

    Screenshot of a Google search for Zenith Lab product 1

    Screenshot of a Google search for Zenith Labs product 2

    Screenshot of a Google search for a Sparkhealthmedia Product 1

    Screenshot of a Youtube search for a Sparkhealthmedia product 2

    Nothing but propaganda reviews that don't allow comments or have outright paid affiliates leaving fake comments. However we can find some real views about Sparkhealthmedia's products

    Real Reviews of Sparkhealthmedia products

    Amazon Review they tried to remove

    After word got out because me and several other people Sparkhealthmedia shutdown from overwhelming negative reviews we dug up about them, Daniel Toh focused on Zenith Labs and this time Ryan Shelton was present and not covering his identity.

    A close look at Zenith Labs

    Zenith Labs unlike Sparkhealthmedia sells consumable supplements claimed to help a plethora of diseases, they obvious were careful about how they label because of the FDA has tighter regulations towards supplements as opposed to e-books which are none. They still had videos with cure claims, and conspiracies but the actual website selling the product and Ryan Shelton's Youtube channel did make more conservative claims about their supplements benefits to avoid running into trouble with the FDA. Zenith Labs can be viewed as a lite scam or a very lucrative company at best where as Sparkhealthmedia was a total scam.

    Zenith Labs had lied about being certified by the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation)

    Zenith Labs was not NSF registered as claimed to be their videos and facebook page (NSF claim made)

    Email I received from the NSF

    NSF database to re-verify my results

    Zenith Labs had lied about their supplements being cGMP certified with the FDA (they cannot be found)

    Six major offenses summed up

    1: Sparkhealthmedia is a scam owned by Daniel Toh, his team and Ryan Shelton can be logically confirmed to be participating in health fraud by deceiving consumers into discovering fake medical miracles.

    2: Ryan Shelton was falsely being labeled medical doctor on his websites

    3: His company and supplements are not about being NSF inspected, and FDA inspected as claimed

    4: His products have fake reviews, and fake endorsements, most review sites do not allow users to publish comments. I have cerified many paid fiverr actors are reviewing them. Even fake actors dressed up as doctors.

    5: His websites use unproven, poorly clarified conspiracy theories against medical doctors, researchers, and conventional medicine as one of his strongest arguments/selling points. The conspiracies are never fully explained and used as a marketing gimick.

    6: Ryan Shelton is claiming to have treatments for a plethora of conditions when he has no specialist in each field and is only using supplements.

    For example, Otology would be a field of science that would eventually find a cure/treatment for hearing loss, the cure would not be found from a G.P that doesn't have a expertise on inner ear biology, cellular biology and neurology. Nor would they restrict their treatment to supplements that aren't even delivered into the cochlea. I do not see evidence for Ryan Shelton to have expertise in all these fields to research them correctly let alone discover breakthroughs without a medical team and peer reviewed results of his own. I can understand having one controversial view about curing a disease, but this man basically holds the position that many unrelated conditions can be treated by him.

    I don't think the Naturopathic community should not allow someone with this closely tied history to scammers continue to practice for some time. Nutritional advice and a few health supplements while telling major lies inbetween. Please independently investigate him. It doesn’t help the reputation of ND’s and alternative medicine if Ryan Shelton gets to behave this way.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and investigate, don’t hesitate to respond I know this is a sloppy website from an original post on a tinnitus forum, I don't know HTMl and can't send long

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